Last Days of Summer

We're in the last days of summer. I sit in my room listening to the Rolling Stones and the buzz of crickets outside my window. Summer used to mean something different to me. It was a seemingly endless freedom. Late nights, balmy air, creeks, oceans, & rooftop talks. Make believe and adventure. I knew for at least two months every year I was free to be an adventurer. My summer breaks have ben gone for a few years now but I still hold them in my heart. I miss the days of long breaks but I have found out I don't have to wait for a season to adventure or explore. Now it is my life. My time isn't defined by a season or a few monts. Every day holds a new possibility. When you use your imagination... the ordinary isn't as ordinary as you once thought. Take a step outside... or inside. See what is waiting for you on the other side of fear. 

Rose gardens and long white dresses are two of my favorite things. 
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Hello! I'm Kirby. A stylist and writer based in Birmingham, Alabama.