No. 10

I'm usually wearing black. My blog has given me motivation to step out of my usual uniform but all black will forever be my favorite. I'm wearing a cashmere turtle neck, Reformation button front skirt, & Acne Studios 'Star' boot. 

I've been wanting to share some things recently and last night these words came out... 

Since I started my blog I've debated about how personal I wanted to get. What the line was going to be.  I very consciously don't post certain things for a reason.  I know there is no way we can know someone completely just through their social media accounts but I want to be conscious of the image that I'm putting out into the world. I'm a private person my nature but I feel like there are some things I need to share on here. 

I've struggled with comparison and insecurity for a long time. I was recently reading some old journal entries and I was thinking about how far I've come. I know we can't control how others see us but I hope that through my blog I can encourage you to find your own personal style and inspirations. My style is something that I have clung to as a protection. For me the way I dress is an expression of myself and also an armor for every day life. Clothes mean something different to all of us. Being creative and self-expression all come out in different ways. Don't rob the world of your gifts. I feel very blessed to be able to have a blog and to have people around me who support me and take their time to help make this possible for me. To a lot of people a fashion or style blog can seem futile. I don't see if that way. My blog has helped me heal and continues to help me heal. My dog, Louis, passed away suddenly while I was out of the country in January and it has been extremely hard for me. Having this creative outlet has been a joy and a blessing. There are other things that I would rather not talk about but it helps with those as well. Maybe one day I'll share my whole journey but for now... that's it. Just remember nobody is perfect. Be yourself. 

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