No. 30

This is another thrift store gem. It is actually a two piece and both items stand great on their own as well. Thrifting is like a treasure hunt for me. Not only do I find amazing things at thrift stores but it also challenges me creatively. I enjoy what is going on in current fashion for the most part and I'm not immune to trends but I hate wearing something just because someone else told me it was cool or okay to wear. I meet women and girls every day that are afraid to wear something unless it has become a trend despite how much they actually want to wear it. Don't be afraid to wear something because of what someone might say or think of you. It doesn't really matter. Don't wait for validation for someone else. On the flip side of that don't be embarrassed if you happen to like a trend that is happening right now. We live in an age where there is no one particular style of the times. We have so many options and while sometimes I think this keeps us from pushing ourselves to create it also opens up the door for us to explore as many different styles as we would like. 

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Hello! I'm Kirby. A stylist and writer based in Birmingham, Alabama.