Thursday Denim.

I can't stop wearing this top. I think shoulders are one of the most beautiful parts of the body and I love tops that subtlety show them off. I don't like things that are overtly sexy either. About a year ago I discovered that I actually can wear jumpsuits. I wrongly assumed since I'm not really tall that they wouldn't work on me. It is always worth it to try something that you want to wear and equally important to know that you don't have to wear something you don't like just because it's 'cool'.  I'm not really sure what cool is anyway. We all have our own definition. But the best thing is to stick with what you like but don't be afraid to try something new. Your style inspiration doesn't have to just come from fashion or clothes. It is a mix of influences, inspirations, moods, feelings, etc...just like anything else creative. 

top available here
jumpsuit similar here

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