To Jazz or not to Jazz

I had never noticed this sign outside of the Carver Theatre /  Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame until the other day. I couldn't wait to go back. While we were there we met a very nice man who let us take a peek inside because he saw us taking pictures. Sometimes I feel funny when strangers see me taking pictures but most of the time they strike up a conversation. And then it leads to something really cool. But on to jazz and Louis... 

I've loved Louis Armstrong since I was little. Thanks to my Grandmother who taught me everything from how to act at the table to how to act at the theatre. Her and my grandfather where championship swing dancers for a long time and she has the best taste in music. They used to go to New Orleans all of the time and once they went to see Louis Armstrong. While they were at dinner before the show my grandmother heard a huff and grunt from the back of the restaurant...and she looked back and it was Louis himself. Surrounded in a cloud of smoke eating alone in corner before the show. 

This is why grandparents are the coolest. I spend a lot of my time with my grandparents and older people in general. They have the best stories. So many stories that don't even sound real sometimes. Maybe I'll share some more on here. They are endless wells of knowledge. 

Do you have any cool stories from your grandparents? Let's talk. 

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