Curiosity is the opposite of Snobbery

I was recently talking with my friend about how frustrating it is to deal with snobs. I'm not talking about people who hold themselves to a certain standard or have particular tastes...that is not a snob. To me being a snob sounds so sad. You shut yourself off to a lot of amazing things and people. If you constantly have your nose turned up at everything that isn't in your circle or your 'friends' circle you are going to miss the best things in life. Snobbery is the opposite of curiosity. How horrible it must be to go around living life like that! Don't be like that. Enjoy life. Appreciate how much there is and to learn. We all come from different backgrounds, places, we all have a story to tell. It is your loss if you chose to go around living life with a superior attitude. Stay curious. Learn as much as possible. 

I also want to say this. Having nice things does not require a bad attitude. 

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