no. 3

I don't wear these boots enough. And this velvet blazer is going to be a staple for me all season long. I love the buttons on the arm that give it just the perfect extra touch. I love how an outfit can make you feel like you are in a different place or time. It is the same thing as when you eat food or listen to music from a different culture. When I'm not able to travel I 'travel without traveling'. I have a few restaurants and markets that I like to visit in my home town.Try a new food from a different place. Read a book that is set somewhere that you want to visit. If you have the time and materials it is also fun to learn how to cook another type of food. Food connects us and can transport us. 

Maybe I'm high off my visit to the Mexican grocery store and the mangos with chili powder... or the good vibes from the Greek Food Festival that I just got back from. Food is powerful. Sharing a meal with people is one of the greatest gifts that we have. Go try something new this weekend. 

Everything I'm wearing is Free People 

Blazer available here
Dress available here
Boots available here

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