The Sick List

I've been sick since Monday and in-between fever dreams, Harry Potter Marathons, and drowning in a sea of hot tea I've been scouring for inspiration. 

(1) Daria Werbowy on Beauty, Health, & Wellness on the Coveteur

Daria is one of my favorite models. I love her honesty and reading about her life in Ireland.

(2) Vanessa Paradis interviewed by Patti Smith from Interview Magazine 

Vanessa and Patti are two of my biggest inspirations. I love to visit this interview when I'm needing inspiration.

(3) Planning my upcoming return to Ireland with the help of Condé Nast Traveler.

Condé Nast Traveler is one of my favorite publications. I frequently am scouring their website and print magazine for trip planning and dreaming. Their Instagram is also one of my favorite accounts to follow.

(4) The amazing products of Buly 1803.

There is nothing like Buly. I might already be making my Christmas list.

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