40 Shades of Green

This past week has felt a bit like these photos. Blurry yet saturated. Saturated with color, feeling, life. But a lot of things still feel like a blur. In the best possible way. 

For a while I had been caught up in creating a perfect image instead of enjoying the moment. Some things we cannot document and we don't need to. It is easy to get in the mentality of "a picture (instagram) or it didn't happen". We need to let go of this. My blog is still going to be mostly focused on my outfits because I love doing it.  I love planning and executing a shoot. And I greatly admire other bloggers and photographers for what they do and create. And I started this blog as a creative outlet and that is what it will continue to be. I want my blog to be a place where you feel like you can be more yourself instead of wanting to be an image. We all need to get away every now and again. Take a step back. 

I found these amazing green trousers at Miss Daisy Blue in Cork, Ireland. Much thanks to my friend Madelyn who suggested I try them on. They fit me like a glove. Miss Daisy Blue has one of the best vintage collections I've come across and if you are ever in Cork I strongly suggest you visit. I also got an amazing tapestry jacket that I will share in another post. I can't wait to return. Also take a look around the English Market and try all of the amazing cheeses, meats, fruits, breads, vegetables...it's a dream. Good food and good vintage. Makes a girl happy.

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