Basics 101

I think my style lies somewhere between minimalist and maximalist. Introvert and Extrovert. I am simultaneously drawn to basic and bold. Stark whiteness and melodic patterns. Clean lines and brocaded velvets... but this post is about basics. 

I want to do a few posts dedicated to basics. Truly Madly Deeply was so kind to send me a few t-shirts to style so this is the first one that I want to feature. The white t-shirt. Is there anything more perfect yet elusive? I search high and low for the perfect cut, the perfect white, the perfect drape. I have a drawer dedicated to the white t-shirt. It's an eternal love affair. 

Along with the white t-shirt I also appreciate a good pair of high waist jeans, black leather boots, and a sturdy well cut coat. I hoard black leather boots. I can't help it. 

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Hello! I'm Kirby. A stylist and writer based in Birmingham, Alabama.