I miss the energy, the sound of my footsteps on the pavement, the smells, watching the sunrise through the buildings. New faces. Solo visits to the Natural History Museum. Wandering around the East Village and Soho. Everything and nothing. Late night cab rides and trips to the diner. Dancing in the street. Wandering through the park. The highest highs and the lowest lows. The stillness of the rooftop. 

I miss New York City. When I left I honestly thought a part of me would never want to go back. I have two sides of me. The country girl and the city girl...and they are almost always at battle.  New York brought out the best and worst in me. And I was tired of being manic. I had to leave. I've been back since I moved away and it was different. A city is different once you have lived there. Once you have seen the cracks. But I like the cracks and the grit.  Every now and again I get a pain where I miss it. I will smell something or feel something and be taken back. When I received this t-shirt I knew I wanted to use it as a platform for talking a little bit about my New York experience. 

A lot of my best memories took place in the East Village. Lots of laughs, late nights, and doing things we probably shouldn't have done. It will always be one of my favorite parts of the city. 

Thank you to Truly Madly Deeply for sending this t-shirt to me. Available here

I'm wearing with one of my all time favorite coats from The Reformation. Available here.  I love that I feel like a muppet in this coat. 

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