This vintage Saks Fifth Avenue suede coat is one of the best things that I own. Collecting vintage is a passion of mine and the 1970s hold a very special place in my heart. When I was a teenager I would get obsessive about decades and almost exclusively only watch, read, listen, and dress like I was from a certain era. I still have that obsessive nature... the need to dive into a certain subject and know everything about it. But now I am more apt to dive into multiple eras and subjects at one time. The 1970s have always been one of my favorites. I would host discos in my room as a child. I would play  my favorite disco, funk, & soul tracks from the 1970s with my discos balls placed around my room. My favorite word was groovy and I wanted to be a dancer on Soul Train. Not only is the music from the 1970s important to me so is the fashion. Images of Studio 54, Yves Saint Laurent, and Big Biba dance through my head. I love how clothing can transport us. 

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Hello! I'm Kirby. A stylist and writer based in Birmingham, Alabama.