I've been deep into the series Grand Hotel. I can't stop watching. I'm obsessed. The early 1900s have always been fascinating to me. As a child I was haunted and obsessed with the life of Anastasia Nikolaevna. I wanted to live in then. I wanted to wear the white dresses and black boots. I wanted to know what happened to Anastasia. When I started watching Grand Hotel I knew that I would want to pull out all of my antique clothing. Besides running around my house in the clothes I wanted to share some of them. My shirt is actually from Free People but it is one of my favorites and I love how it went with this skirt from the early 1900s. My velvet opera coat is actually from the 1950s and I haven't been able to figure out what era this hat is from. It is from a hat collection of my great aunts that was given to me but I felt like it went with this outfit. I tend to get obsessive and I show creativity through what I am wearing. I tend to dress like what I am reading, watching, or listening to at the moment. I love that this show brought out and allows me to share my love of historic costume. It is one of my favorite subjects to study. And there is nothing like being able to own a piece of history. I also love a good drama. So if you love period dramas please watch Grand Hotel. Also Julio is a total babe, so you are welcome. As my friend Madelyn describes the show its like "Downton Abbey and Poirot had a baby". 

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