"Never ask someone how an item of clothing makes you look. Ask yourself how it makes you feel"

Today, along with a lot of the world, I am celebrating the life of David Bowie. His music was almost a daily part of my life. Ziggy, The Thin White Duke, mismatched eyes, transformation, creativity, changes... It's been with me since I can remember. There are a few people in this world who, when you feel like you are on the outside, make you feel okay with that. They make you want to embrace yourself and your creativity. To push the limits. David did that for me. His music connected me with my family and with my friends. I'll never forget the moment when I moved to London and my friend Scott and I had a David Bowie dance party. His music brought us together and after that I knew we would be friends forever. There is something special in that moment when you know that you can be yourself in front of another person. His music is a constant soundtrack to my life. The soulful, sexy, song Win was my summer song. The song forever transports me to driving along Highway 1 in California. I can almost feel the sunset in the song. Changes will forever remind me of my little brother. Singing the song in the car when we were kids and him being so moved he wanted to tell us about how it made him feel. Let's Dance will always be one of my go to get up and take on the world songs. Those songs don't even hit the tip of the iceberg. But they are a few that will always hold a place in my heart.  In a world of sameness David embraced the weird. It's always better to be yourself. But don't be afraid of change or transformation. Thank you.
My heart goes out to Iman, his children, and his close friends. 

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