I cried a little bit when I first put this blazer on. There is no designer that moves me quite like Yves Saint Laurent. He has and always will be my number one. From his love of Proust to his love of making women feel and look beautiful. His struggles and his triumphs. This blazer and scarf are the newest additions to my YSL collection. I love how Yves uses gold buttons because he said it is "jewelry for the daytime". There is nothing like a well cut blazer to make you feel like you can take over the world. Black will always be my favorite color to wear. I love the way that Yves describes black... " Black is a color. It's the stroke of a pencil drawing an outline on a black sheet of paper. Black is the color of a Renaissance portrait, the color of Clouet, Agnes Sorel, the Court of Valois, Frans Hals, and Manet". Yves will always have my heart. 

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