the purple one

I always struggle when it comes to talking about deaths.  At times I don't want to write anything at all... but then I think of how much I love reading other people's tributes. Personal stories of how people have touched our lives no matter if we knew them personally or not. 

When I was little my favorite color was purple, because of Prince. Everything was in purple. Purple lipstick, purple blow up furniture, purple clothes, purple notebooks, purple pens...anything and everything!  I wanted to be the purple one. Oh to be able to dance on stage with him. What I would give. He gave me confidence when I desperately needed it. Being 13 at a big dance and requesting anything Prince to the DJ... he played 1999 and I danced alone. It didn't matter. Being 17 and obsessively listening to Raspberry Beret in my car. If you knew me then you heard that song... a lot. It being summer time and always waking up to Starfish & Coffee. And then listening to all of Sign 'O' the Times every single day. Dancing to Erotic City, House Quake, & Hot Thing with your best friend. The last thing I want to hear before I pass is the last 2 minutes of Purple Rain. 

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Hello! I'm Kirby. A stylist and writer based in Birmingham, Alabama.